When PVR came into being in the year 1997, it changed the face of Movies forever. The Cinema experience had lost its magic to shabby halls and outdated technology. PVR wooed the audience back into the theatres by giving the whole experience a face-lift. Today more than a decade later, it continues to set trends by merging the market realities with its own uncompromising stand on providing clean and wholesome entertainment to people. The result being that any PVR property can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

Today, PVR is the finest cinema exhibition company in the country with 26 operational multiplexes, 108 screens and all this without having compromised its premium image. The laurels did not come easy, a lot of effort was put into the movie viewing experience. It uses the best technology to enhance the quality of the film being projected. PVR Cinemas boast of the latest technologies in the field of movie exhibition in the country. THX-approved three-way surround sound system with real life sound effects and projection facility with the latest Xenon-based technology were first introduced at PVR. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling curved screens and digital sound complete the ultimate movie viewing experience.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into the physical comfort of the viewer as well. The stadium seating arrangement ensures unobstructed viewing from anywhere in the auditorium. Plush, extra-wide seats with more leg room are the ultimate in comfort.

PVR has always had the first mover’s advantage in the market, but, it has worked to keep up the momentum. As a result of which a decade after it both opened as well as defined the multiplex market, PVR continues to be well ahead in the race of firsts. Here is a quick list of all that PVR introduced before others:

   First multiplex in India at Saket, Delhi

   First to launch India’s biggest 11 screen multiplex – PVR Bangalore

   First to bring premier movie viewing to India with the exclusive Europa Cinema and Lounge at PVR Gurgaon

   First to introduce Gold Class Cinemas in India at PVR Bangalore

   First to receive institutional funding in the cinema industry – from ICICI Venture

   First to offer computerised & online ticketing with kiosks

   First to accept credit cards in cinemas

   First to introduce mobile based information & ticketing service. Today it is the most expansive service of its kind

   First to launch a loyalty program for movie-goers in India

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